The Company was founded in 1996 by two brothers, Asher and Tsuri Gerbi, and specializes in importing wood from Finland, Germany, Sweden and other leading countries in the field. In addition the Company provides professional comprehensive consultation, based on its large experience and knowledge in the area.

In the beginning the Gerbi brothers purchased locally, but today they are specialists in high quality imported woods for roofs, pergolas, decks and wood hoses, from leading mills around the world.

The company supplies everything builders, contractors and carpenters need, highest level in the Country.

A.Z GERBI Ltd. lives by four basic mandatory principles:

PRODUCT QUALITY: the company provides high quality products, suitable for the growing demands of the professionals of the area.

SERVICE: The Company quickly delivers, by means of a crane-truck, any type of wood, to any given destination in Israel.

RELIABILITY: advanced computerized system for control and fixed prices.

PRICES: A.Z GERBI has a huge advantage regarding prices because it imports directly from the manufacturer, no agent fees.

That said, we, as a company, continue to grow, develop and improve ourselves, always alert to changes in design and architecture in Israel and around the world, so that we can reach excellence, all along keeping the principles which allow our customers to enjoy fair prices and affordable service. We receive orders from respectable architects, for large projects in Convention Centers, Hotels and stylish houses.

Be a satisfied client with A.Z GERBI and enjoy our special touch.

a z gerbi
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