There are a few types of deck

Pine/Red Wood Deck

The wood has various dimensions, the most popular in our Country is 38/150mm. The wood is planed and treated with wood preservative. This material is green and stays on the wood, giving it a peculiar color

Deck of Ipe

Ipe is a tropical wood that comes from Brazil, is highly erosion resistant, and has an exclusive appearance. Popular size here is 19/140mm.


דקים מעץ

There are a few types of wood which are suitable for decks

and the common ones are:

Brazilian Ipe

Brazilian Ipe, which is well known, its flower was the National Symbol of Brazil until 1978, its color ranges between yellow and green. It is the strongest wood for deck.


A long time ago used in oils and perfumes. Color brown / pecan, uniform shade in general. It is strong wood, perfectly suitable for decks. It is important to mention that there are also other types, for more information, please contact us

GARAPA decking

also known as Yellow Chestnut Scientific
Color: yellow-beige and yellow-brown
It has a medium texture, the grain is irregular and reverse.
Processing: easy to saw
Drying: difficult, has to be well done and controlled.
Durability: moderate deterioration, insects and worms: low incidence
Usage: flooring, furniture, general construction, carpentry

Plastic Base Tiles

The plastic base tiles allow us for the creation of several models, offering a wide variety of elegant designs.
The exclusive plastic base is especially developed with polymers to give flexibility, drainage, and durability to extreme temperatures.

The plastic base tiles are 100% suitable the hot and humid Israeli climate.

Sizes Table (in m”m):



1.8 -5.9 meters

For special sizes please call our Sales Department

Contact Person: Asher Gerbi,


decks, a.z gerbi
decks, a.z gerbi
decks, a.z gerbi
דקים מעץ
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