Polycarbonate Wavy board – it is a multipurpose board with excellent mechanic characteristics. These characteristics provide unprecedented durability and make them a leading product in their field. These boards are used in professional illumination surfaces, screens and illumination opens in public and industrial buildings.

These boards are ideal for any structure based on external illumination sources. Extensive supply of the profiles, their colors and light transmission provide it with ability to integrate any home pavilion, parking spot, pergola, roof and laundry cover. All of the above make this product perfect for the “Do It Yourself” industry.

Characteristics and Advantages:

> Light weight

> Unbreakable

> UV radiation proof

> Fire resistant

> Durability in harsh climate

> More than 90% transparent light transmission

> Large selection of shades



> Natural illumination openings for buildings

> Greenhouses

> Do It Yourself

> Pergolas

> Parking areas

and a lot more

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